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Let's learn about the ProLingo Classroom

Video call zoom

          In the ProLingo online class, you have the flexibility to select your preferred classroom environment, whether it be through Zoom or VooV. These platforms are user-friendly and accessible in most countries, making your learning experience seamless and convenient.


  1. Getting Started:

    • Download Zoom: Visit the Zoom website or app store to download the Zoom application on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

    • Sign Up/Sign In: Create a Zoom account using your email address or sign in if you already have an account.

  2. Joining a Zoom Meeting:

    • Meeting Link: Your teacher will provide a meeting link. Click on the link to join the Zoom meeting.

    • Meeting ID: Alternatively, you can enter the Meeting ID provided by your teacher on the Zoom app or website to join a specific meeting.

  3. Audio and Video Settings:

    • Audio: Ensure your microphone and speakers/headphones are working. Zoom will prompt you to test your audio when you join a meeting.

    • Video: Activate your webcam if you want to be visible during the meeting. You can choose to turn your video on or off during the session.

  4. Controls During the Meeting:

    • Mute/Unmute: Use the microphone icon to mute or unmute yourself when needed.

    • Start/Stop Video: Toggle your video on or off using the camera icon.

    • Chat: Access the chat function to send messages to the teacher or classmates.

    • Reactions: Express yourself with emojis or reactions.

    • Raise Hand: Use the "Raise Hand" feature if you have a question or want to participate.

  5. Screen Sharing:

    • If your teacher allows, you can share your screen to showcase presentations or assignments.

    • Click on the "Share Screen" button, choose the content you want to share, and click "Share."

  6. Leaving the Meeting:

    • When the class is over, click on the "Leave Meeting" button. Confirm if prompted.


  1. Download and Install VooV:

    • Visit the VooV website or your device's app store to download and install the VooV app on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

  2. Account Creation/Sign-In:

    • Create a VooV account using your email address or sign in if you already have an account.

  3. Joining a VooV Class:

    • Your teacher will share a VooV meeting link or ID. Click on the link or enter the ID to join the virtual classroom.

  4. Audio and Video Settings:

    • Test your audio and video settings before the class to ensure your microphone, speakers, and camera are working properly.

  5. Meeting Controls:

    • Familiarize yourself with the meeting controls.

      • Mute/Unmute: Toggle your microphone on or off.

      • Start/Stop Video: Enable or disable your camera.

      • Chat: Communicate with the teacher and classmates via text messages.

      • Reactions: Use emojis or reactions to express yourself.

      • Raise Hand: Indicate when you have a question or want to participate.

  6. Screen Sharing:

    • If your teacher allows, you may be able to share your screen.

      • Click on the "Share Screen" option.

      • Select the specific content or application you want to share.

  7. Leaving the Class:

    • When the class concludes, find the "Leave Meeting" or "End Meeting" option and confirm to exit the session.

  8. Additional Features:

    • Explore any additional features offered by VooV, such as breakout rooms, polls, or collaborative tools.

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